Alleged child killer confesses over 30 years later, but is the investigation over?


With all the news surrounding an alleged confession in the tragic Etan Patz case;¬†below is one of the best articles written about the realities of the recent break in the investigation and the difficulty and necessity of determining whether, in fact, this confession is a valid one. The case involved the most innocent of victims; a young boy who disappeared after being allowed to walk to school alone for the first time from his parent’s home in Soho, never to be seen again. Over 30 years later it has continued to rivet New Yorkers’ attention with the search for the young boy’s remains and the hunt for justice. Jim Dwyer, the journalist behind the piece, has always been one of my favorites for unbiased and honest coverage of the most scandalous and headline grabbing criminal cases. He is the co-author of the book ‘Actual Innocence’ along with Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld which highlights some of the most compelling examples of wrongful convictions and their causes.